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Bullets aren’t always for shooting

  • I haven’t posted for a few days because I haven’t really had a lot to post about. It’s not the my life has been particularly boring, it’s just that it hasn’t been wildly interesting either, and I haven’t been compelled to write about anything I’ve seen on the internet either.
  • Currently I’m back on Wifi again. One of my housemates has moved out, to spend the winter teaching people how to ski in France, and he’s taken the extension lead that the ADSL modem was plugged into. Although I can plug the modem into the wall socket it means it’s not near the cables which aren’t very long. So until I get a new extension lead I’m going to need to do everything wirelessly.
  • We’ve also been having a mouse problem, specifically in my room where I’ve been woken up by scratching and rustling noises. On my way in today I saw it and managed to chase it downstairs, where I got it trapped in a door and then ejected it from the building. Probably serves me right for leaving old takeaway boxes in my bin for rather longer than I should…
  • I’m going to be blunt about this: if you’re in the UK and need to use condoms, then you may like Covered Love. It’s a site that lets you order condoms in bulk, with packs of 144 starting at £25, or around 17p per condom. When you consider that many vending machines charge £2 for 2 you can see why it’s good value. They also do selection boxes.

  • Last month I earned $258.22 in Google Adsense revenue. Not quite as much as September when I earned over $300 but it’s still about £150 that I didn’t have before. I’d like to sign up for the Firefox referral scheme but it’s only available to US people right now.

  • On Saturday I’m off with Hari and a couple of her housemates to York for the day, to do some Christmas shopping. It’ll also be the first time she gets to meet my parents. Which could be interesting. On Sunday I’m going hiking again, around the Yorkshire Dales this time.


  1. The parents….OOOOOH!

    I might reach 100$ this month, hooray. I can’t wait. It kinda is money for free, but not. Least it easily covers the hosting/domain fees

    I’m really not liking this WYSIWYG editor, can it be turned off (and I don’t mean HTML mode). The flickering is annoying. And it confused me when I hit enter and got a gap, when that’s normally for two enters (which I was I WAS going for). Good rule: Don’t Make Me Think (also a book my Steve Krug on Usability), which I think this comment field breaks 🙁

  2. Oh, that was the other thing. When I sign in from Typekey I end back up on your site with a huge URL and a blank page, it doesn’t redirect properly.

  3. If you’re blunt, won’t that make it a trifle tricky to roll the wee Johnny on?

  4. To be fair, if I was sharp it would probably break it.
    (Hmmm. Talking about my penis in public…)

  5. Tell me about it. That’s one thing I don’t like about been British.

  6. The one thing you don’t like about being British is having a blunt pee-pee? Or is it a sharp one that you don’t like?
    Am I missing the point here? (Cue joke)

  7. Um.
    I thought that part of the terms and conditions of Adsense was not telling anybody how much you earned? You still haven’t told us how much income tax you’ve paid on that income either.

  8. Andy N: They changed the T&Cs so you CAN discuss your AdSense earnings.

  9. Congratulations on the adsense total and am I the only one to enjoy the post title? Excellent 😉