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Which Family Guy character are you?

Bizarrely it was almost exactly a year since I took a very similar quiz. Since the Beeb are now showing Family Guy (and American Dad) on Saturday nights, they have a mini-site with information about the show. They also have a Which Family Guy character are you? quiz, so here’s my result:

Let’s face it, a day spent slobbing out in front of the gogglebox is a day well spent in your book. You’re Peter.

Which is interesting because I was Cleveland last time. The choices seemed pretty limited though. So, which character are you?


  1. You’re urbane, cultured and sensitive. Unfortunately, you’re also a dog. You’re Brian.

    Who’s leg to I have to hump around here to get a martini?

  2. You’re a power-hungry, hate-riven meglomaniac with a genius for electronics – just so long as they’re fiendish. You’re Stewie. — yey!
    Annoying “yeh, good, ok” pauses inbetween. Double the clicks shall we? Good idea!

  3. Yep, trovster is right. I’m Stewie. Now world domination…

  4. You’re a fantastic homemaker who knows how to look after people. Don’t get taken advantage of though, Lois!
    Ummm…. yeeeesss…..

  5. Hmm, I’m also Peter.  Mind you, I was him last time I took the test too.  I guess nothing changes.