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Googling Manchester

Now here’s something interesting: Google has opened an office in Manchester. Google already has offices in London so this is their first regional office. Most of the work at Google UK will still happen in London but this new office will deal with some of their advertising business – one job is already being advertised.
As for why Manchester was chosen, Kate Burns, who is the head of Google UK, said this:

Manchester is an ideal location for us. It’s got the right mix of businesses, it’s got a great pool for us in terms of talent, there’s great universities in Manchester and we’re always looking for highly educated individuals.

The jobs going aren’t really up my street and I don’t have the experience they’re looking for, but if this office expands into other fields I would probably considering applying for a job there. After all, it’s (just about) commutable from Bradford, and it’s Google – need I say more?


  1. Hmm, and on the very same day I get a head hunter from Manchester call me. I wonder if they were representing Google?
    Yeah, ok so they probably weren’t, don’t spoil my misguided dillusions.

  2. Google is the new god. You are already a blogging god, why not join that god too?

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