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Skyping Out

Though we have a perfectly good phone line, I think I actually prefer to talk to people using SkypeOut rather than the normal phone. The main reason for this is being able to use a headset instead of having to hold a handset to my ear all the time. Not only do I not get a very tired arm (or have to juggle the handset between hands) but it means I can do other stuff at the same time – like order my mum’s birthday present after she subtly hinted at what she wanted.
Still, I may consider a Bluetooth headset. From what I can gather, Skype on the Mac supports any Bluetooth headset that can be paired with the OS, and I could also use it with my phone too since that has Bluetooth now as well. It may even work with my PDA though I wouldn’t bet on it. And it would be another gadget to add to my collection 🙂 .

One Comment

  1. Yup! I use gizmo(, instead of skype, but I use a bluetooth headset all the time. The quality of audio doesn’t seem quite as good(compared to wired headset), but nobody has complained. I have used 2 diff motorola headsets. You just set them as your mic and speakers. very easy!