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On top of Skiddaw

On top of Skiddaw
This was what I was doing this weekend. If we look very wet and bedraggled, it’s because we were – a combination of very dense fog, gale force winds and rain made it a rather extreme experience. Fun, but not something I’d want to attempt every day 🙂 .
More photos to come soon but I’m about to go to see Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride with the girlfriend.


  1. “The girlfriend” – Oh Dear Me.
    If she reads these pages, might I suggest that in future you could refer to her as something like “My lovely girlfriend” or “My wonderful girlfriend” or “My dear girlfriend”
    Use of the word “The” in conjunction with the word “Girlfriend” is something you may wish to reconsider in future.
    Believe me, because I have thirty more years than you.

  2. Heh, I don’t have 30 years more than you, but I agree with andy!
    Play safe!