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Bolognese Blasphemy

I spent last night at the girlfriend’s house. We had spaghetti bolognese for dinner, along with her housemates, however I couldn’t finish mine so I put the leftovers in the bin. Doing so felt like an act of blasphemy, since you could argue that the spaghetti was a representation of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and that by putting it in the bin I was offending his noodliness.
If by doing this I have offended any members of the pastafarian community, I send my apologies.
incidentally things are going well between me and the girl. I’m going to miss her this weekend.


  1. Were you drunk when you wrote this?

  2. what were you drinking when you posted this?

  3. You know, I honestly thought I said that comment from “Andy” above !

  4. What were you drinking when you posted this?

  5. Strangely enough I was actually sober 🙂 .

  6. Maybe that was the problem…you needed something to drink.
    Nice to hear you’ve found yourslf a nice lady though. Out of interest, does ‘the girl’ know about your blog?

  7. Yes, she does. In fact she’s working her way through the archives – she’s up to April 2002 apparently.

  8. Neil, you soppy sod.

  9. And this is EXACTLY why I truncate my blog every so often (I’ll export/import the entries to a private, “archive” blog) — I don’t want a girl I date to go look up crap I may have written about ex-girlfriends.
    Well you took her snowboarding! =P