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I am not a spammer

If you received an email from this domain that was spam, please understand that it wasn’t me who sent it – the from address has been forged. I am now dealing with close to 4000 bounced emails that have not been delivered but that have bounced back to me – good thing I have a lot of space for email on the server.
And just when I was about to go away for the weekend. Raaaaa.
Update (Friday): Had over 6000 now and they’re still coming. I now have a message filter to dump them straight in the trash. I’m just glad I have a fast internet connection as to manage this on dial-up would be absolute hell. I also feel sorry for my host who is having to manage all of this mail – the headers of the original messages have been forged quite blatently so there’s no reason that they should be bounced.
On the plus side, my new 5-port network switch has arrived 🙂 .
Another update: They’re still coming thick and fast – hundreds every hour. I’m now about to leave for the weekend and dread to think what it’ll be like come Sunday when I’m back. The spam messages all seem to be advertising a canadian pharmacy or (“Canadilan Phamracy”) pointing to a domain owned by some bloke in India. The domain has no active web site on it.


  1. Oh man. Neil, I feel your pain. I have been dealing with that for several months. All of my mail is funneled to Gmail, and I ended up setting up a filter to push all mail with a subject line like “Undeliverable” or “Not in Domino Directory” or something like that directly into the trash. Regular e-mails bounce so infrequently that that was really the best solution. It’s horrible – I know what you’re going through.

  2. That seems to be happening a lot at the moment, I’ve had the same thing from one of my domains recently until I switched of catch-all (haven’t switched it back on yet). I also know of several German bloggers who have been hit by it.

  3. I have been lucky, I never really had this problem. But one of my clients ran into this before. It was quite tough trying to explain to him that his account wasn’t hacked, it was just some spammer pretending to be him.
    I ended up doing the same thing, creating a rule that would delete those delivery notifications.

  4. If your experience is anything like mine, Neil, this may be a permanent condition.

  5. The same thing happens to me quite often, on my old address. Anyone can pretend to me someone by modifying things such as Reply-tos and froms.