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Hub of inactivity

The hub in my room seems to have died on me. The house had Cat-5e cables wired in, but as I have two computers in my room and the cable isn’t really long enough to reach either I’ve been using a hub – the same one that I used in my previous house. I bought it for £9 off eBay about a year ago to replace the rather slow 10-BaseT hub we had.
It’s been having some problems for a while, in that it after a while it just ‘stops’ – any packets sent through it just disappear into the ether – but normally turning it off and on again is enough to fix it, and usually it only happens when there’s heavy network activity such as when I’m using peer-to-peer software. But now even when I restart it, it won’t come back up again.
Thankfully our modem/switch/firewall thingy downstairs is also a wireless network hub so I at least have some kind of network access in my room. Unfortunately being two floors up from the hub means that the signal is a little on the weak side (2 out of 5 bars) and there’s the greater CPU overhead (since we’re using WPA encryption) and latency. It’s also only 54Mbps instead of 100Mbps. But it’s better than dial-up, at least. 🙂
Still, I’ll be investing in a new hub, or perhaps even a proper switch this time.

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  1. Switches are so cheap these days it’d be stupid not to buy one and get a hub instead. They’re much more efficient for starters!
    I bought an 8 port Netgear switch recently from PC World for £30 but for some reason it died 3 weeks exactly later, luckily I was able to return it. I haven’t gotten around to picking up a new one yet… what’s also odd is the power adapter to a wireless access point I was selling on ebay died too.
    They were connected very briefly, so maybe they blew each other up?