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How much my blog is worth

Via Les is How much is your blog worth?, which uses your Technorati ranking and the statistics from the Weblogs Inc./AOL deal to estimate how much your blog would be worth if you sold it. Here’s my result:

My blog is worth $186,862.74.
How much is your blog worth?

Now that would do nicely. It would pay off all of my debts and provide a more than adequate deposit on a mortgage. And a dual-processor dual-core PowerMac G5 with a couple of 30″ Apple Cinema Displays and a drool tray for when I’m using them.
incidentally I totted up how much I’ve earned in total from Google Adsense since signing up in November last year – I’ve just passed $1800 (about £1000). So my blog is allegedly worth about 100 times more than I’ve actually earned from it. Still, I’m not complaining about that extra grand in my bank account.


  1. My blog is worth $93,149.10 which I find funny… if I were to put a monetary value on Blogography, it would be -$275 because that’s how much it costs me to pay for the annual bandwidth usage.

  2. My blog is worth $0.00. Guess I have to submit it to some blogsearch engines 🙂

  3. Mine is worth $55,889.46 any buyers?

  4. Quanto vale il vostro blog

    Volete sapere quanto varrebbe il vostro blog qualora decidiate di venderlo?
    Tralasciando il fatto che, secondo me, solo un coglione spenderebbe soldi per acquistare un blog, vi segnalo questa pagina, dal titolo “How Much is my Blog worth”, …

  5. My [our] blog too is worth zero dollars, but is highly valued nevertheless.
    And how do you allow for someone who reads it and donates £4k to the project?

  6. Only $2,258.16 here.
    Another site I run has made $554.34 in AdSense revenue since 19 May. Not terrible (more than pays for hosting). =)

  7. To clarify: Not terrible, but still not worth the amount of time it takes to maintain (2-4 hours/week). I mostly do it for the chicks. Still waiting on the chicks, though. Any day now…
    But really, I wanted to learn about web advertising, etc. Plus it’s a PHP playground for me, so on those two factors it’s still been worth the time.

  8. well mines a bargain (apparently) at $16000

  9. Mine is worth exactly $6,209.94. I guess I gotta work on this blogging thing.

  10. Deposit? In Bradford that will still buy a decent house outright. It’s about twice the value of mine 🙂 sadly I don’t have a worthwhile blog to sell to pay for mine, I’ll have to rely on the day job for a while yet. Mind you the regeneration etc. is driving prices upwards maybe you should cash in now!
    Then again I think a couple of people might be dissapointed if you sold out.

  11. How much income tax have you paid on that?