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Bullet in the gun, fire in your heart

  • Out of my Flickr contacts, four have cat pictures as their most recent pictures in their photostreams and two have dog pictures. And two have screenshots. Mine is some grafitti.
  • DarwinPorts is quite a cool program. Once installed you can type into the terminal, for example, sudo port install nmap and it’ll download, compile and install nmap and its associated libraries (like pCap and OpenSSL). I suppose it’s a bit like apt-get on Linux distros.
  • The Party Party is a good source of politically humourous mashed-up songs. It takes bits of George W Bush’s speeches to make him talk total crap (insert joke about Bush talking total crap all the time anyway). ‘Dick is a Killer’ and ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’ are my current favourites.
  • Now that I have got meta-contacts working in Adium, my contact list is about half the size it once was. Yay.
  • Been listening to an old episode of The 99p Challenge, which is currently being re-broadcast on BBC7 and therefore available in the BBC Radio Player to play back at your leisure. It’s very random at times but very funny.
  • Paul Hammond emailed me about Locomotive, an open source graphical installer for Ruby on Rails for Mac OS X (10.3+). If only I’d known about that earlier…
  • Still, Locomotive reminds me of Locomotive Software and their LocoScript word processing package for the Amstrad PCW. The software is still available today, and they’ve even made an old version available just in case your PCW still only has 256KB of RAM.
  • And to end on a personal note – I’m currently seeing a girl. We’ve been on a couple of dates (such as seeing Wallace & Gromit) and have been spending a fair amount of time with each other. It’s going pretty well so far – well, no complaints from me anyway.


  1. Bush is a musical genius.

    Neil of Neil's World points us to the folks at who produce musical mashups using an amazing number of sound clips of President George W. Bush. These guys must have a lot of time and patience to pull these off. My current favorite…

  2. oooo a girl :):):)
    keep us updated :):):)

  3. Heh, yay for girls 🙂
    An alternative to darwin ports which is quite literally apt-get on the mac is Fink, I don’t think there is much distringuishing between them.

  4. i’ve not posted a cat photo for a while – remind me to rectify that 🙂
    Congrats on the date – hope you enjoyed the film – we really enjoyed it last week but were a bit disappointed that they didn’t have many extra bits at the end of the film. However the coolest bit was that my wife and I were the only people in the cinema so we had our own private cinema showing.