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Born lucky?

Apparently I may have been born lucky: those born in May tend to have better luck and be more optimistic about life. The finding is based on web survey of 30,000 people, asking a series of questions about how lucky people perceived themselves to be.

The scientists think the difference in outlook stems from the effect that daylight hours may have on dopamine, a brain signalling chemical, and early brain development of the foetus.

And according to the survey, those born in November tend to have the worst luck.


  1. Yes, but those born in March tend to be more intelligent and better looking.

  2. Excellent news. I always that May was a great month to be born in. I’m a tad biased though. :):):)

  3. I was born in November. Just my luck… 😉

  4. I was also born in November, but I make my own luck. =)

  5. I totally agree with the born lucky statement – born May 24th – highlights of being lucky – 2002 hit by a car ended up only with a badly bruised leg, rucksack took the impact,- 1996 was mean to visit Canary Wharf area for a drink after work, however decided not two hours a bomb went off in the place where we going to drink. I think the saying is you fall in dog mess and come up smelling of roses!!