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Meta-contacts in Adium

Um, Adium does actually support meta-contacts. Just drag the screen names on to each other. Damn me for not trying the seemingly obvious first…
I think I now know why Gerry recommends Proteus over Adium.
Adium is really nice but it doesn’t support ‘meta-contacts’ – a single contact with several screen names. In one case, I have 6 screen names for one contact and in Adium they appear as 6 different buddies. Which means that when he signs on or off the computer sounds like a duck on speed and my contact list turns into a christmas tree, as well as becoming considerably more cluttered.
Proteus does support meta-contacts (as does Trillian Pro on Windows), so I may give it a try – at $15 it’s not too much to pay if I decide to keep it. Still, I really want to like Adium, since it’s open source and so very cute.


  1. Adium DOES support Metacontacts, just grab a contact with apple-key plus left-mouse and drop it on the other buddy you want it to merge with.

  2. Heh, yeah it took me a while to figure out how to do it, in retrospect it isn’t the most intuitive thing is it?

  3. No, it isn’t – Trillian Pro makes it a lot more intuitive – you should be able to select multiple screen names, and then right-click and combine them – or use an item on the Contact menu.
    That’s probably why it took me so long to find it. Glad someone told me though – otherwise I’d have spent $15 unnecessarily 🙂 . My contact list now looks much tidier.

  4. I had done this before but I couldn’t remember how. I had to reinstall OS X because I borked it and I couldn’t figure it out. I just gave up on it a day or two, so I was glad to see this post/comments.