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Bullets are back

  • This is the first proper bullet-pointed entry in a few days. Which is probably a good thing.
  • Spent the evening tidying my room and getting rid of the three piles o’crap that have amassed in my room. I’ve managed to destroy two but gave up before attempting the third, by which time I’d already filled two bin bags full of rubbish. Hmmm.
  • There’s a new version of Synergy out (1.2.5). I’ve installed it on my laptop – unfortunately it seems to have some stability issues – some unknown exceptions and it’s managed to randomly disappear as well. On my Mac I’m still running SynergyKM which hasn’t yet been updated.
  • While out hiking yesterday, despite being on the tops of hills in the middle of nowhere I had perfect mobile phone reception. In fact, I was able to send a text message to my dad, and receive a reply all while up there. And my dad is currently on holiday several hundred miles away in another country. Imagine being able to do that a few years ago. I’m pretty sure that had I got my PDA and my phone set up to use GPRS I’d have been able to blog from up there.
  • I installed Ruby on Rails on Saturday. Haven’t really had much chance to play with it, but the installation process is a little scary – it involves typing commands into the terminal, even on Windows and Mac OS X. I’m not a big fan of using the terminal for anything (even though it’s in my dock). Someone really needs to develop some kind of graphical installer.
  • One of the great things about 2MBit broadband is being able to download all 31MB of the OS X version of MySQL 5.0.15 in a little under 2 minutes.

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  1. Couldn’t you blog using your your phone via. MMS?