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Making Firefox look prettier on a Mac

One of the downsides of Firefox on a Mac is that it doesn’t yet use widgets (like buttons, text fields and drop down boxes) which fit in with the OS X theme. Although all the dialogs and window controls are themed to match in with the operating system, any widgets and input elements on web pages look really ugly.
So here’s where Firefoxy comes in. Add it to your Applications folder, and then just drag the Firefox icon onto it. Re-launch Firefox and everything should look much prettier! 🙂
It would be nice if Firefox used native-looking widgets in future releases – I’m guessing this isn’t on the cards for 1.5 but seeing as Safari, Camino and Opera do (I don’t have IE Mac installed) it does make it stand out in a bad way.


  1. OmniWeb is shareware – no real point in trying it when I have a variety of free browsers that work very well.

  2. Ah – does OmniWeb use it’s own engine. I would try all the one OS only software 😀

  3. Newer versions of OmniWeb use WebKit, which is what Safari uses, but older versions used a custom-made rendering engine. So basically OmniWeb is now Safari with knobs on 🙂 .