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When disloyalty pays

Although it came out 5 years ago, I’ve decided to get myself a copy of Blur’s Best of album. Normally I’d go straight to or to buy it, since those tend to be the cheapest. Play had it for £10 including delivery, and CD-Wow had it for £7, also including delivery. Not bad, but I thought I could do better.

Usually I also check Amazon and, but neither was significantly cheaper than CD-Wow and neither included the delivery cost. So I checked HMV’s web site. Turns out they had a sale on and it was only £4 – or £3.59 if you have a NUS card – and that included delivery too.

While I’ve been very pleased with the service – and indeed the prices – offered by CD-Wow and Play, I’m also a sucker for low prices and so HMV wins here. I’ve ordered from HMV’s online store before and had no problems so hopefully I’ve got myself a good deal.

Incidentally, when the email arrived confirming my order, I saw this:

Please note we are in the process of relocating our Internet business to Guernsey, and as such you may experience a slight delay in the despatch of your order.

What with, Tesco Jersey and Amazon Jersey, amongst others, the Channel Islands must be becoming a little crowded with all of those warehouses. Still, if tax loopholes mean cheaper stuff for me than I can’t complain 🙂 .


  1. wow, this place is so alive. *rolls eyes*

  2. I don’t buy from Jersey due to my consumer rights 😀