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Another bullet-in

  • There’s one surefire way to check if students have their mobile phones switched on in lectures – send them all text messages. Because we’re down with the cool cats here at Bradford, urgent messages are usually sent by SMS as well as email; however, officially we’re supposed to have our phones turned off in lectures. Cue lots of beeping.
  • Bloglines Mobile is very useful – the basic features of normal Bloglines on a small screen. It’s great for reading full content feeds but others are a bit annoying – especially if the site isn’t designed for small screens.
  • I’m posting this on my PDA, as it happens. Unfortunately since upgrading to MT 3.2 I can’t use the admin interface to post or edit entries – all that Javascript goodness means it doesn’t work on IE4 (and doesn’t gracefully degrade). Pocket SharpMT works but it’s only good for posting new entries, not editing existing ones.
  • This Saturday sees the start of Family Guy and American Dad on BBC2. I don’t know whether they will start showing Family Guy from the beginning or just season 4, but it’ll be nice to have it on terrestrial TV again. Fingers crossed I’ll have the Stewie Griffin film early next week.


  1. According to the BBC listings they’ll be showing Family Guy from season three. The Thin White Line, one of my favourite episodes, is the first episode in that season.
    American Dad starts with the pilot episode. I haven’t seen American Dad yet, but I’m assured it’s brilliant. Given that it’s made by the creators of Family Guy it should be great.

  2. American Dad is OK. Not as good as Family Guy but it’s a nice little change (still utterly bizarre). It has some good characters too, Stan himself and Roger is great.

  3. Bloglines Mobile drives me crazy. I’ll be reading along just fine and then it will suddenly switch to the non-mobile interface. I don’t think my user-agent is magically changing, so I have no idea why it does this, but it’s been going on for a while.

  4. I think it’s cookie-based – if it starts going back to the full version visit Bloglines Mobile homepage and it should reset itself.