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7000th comment

Over at Utterly Boring, Jake’s published the 7000th comment. Over here I’ve had over 7000 comments (7015 to be exact) but only 6145 of those are published – the rest were deleted, most likely because they were spam. Indeed, the 7000th comment was spam. 🙁
As for trackback pings, I’ve had over 2500 pings, however only 738 of those were legitimate – the majority of comment spam I get here is through the trackback system. Note that these numbers only reflect this past two years (since December 2003) since that was the last time I did a full re-install of MT (whereby all of the entry, comment and trackback IDs were reset). Since then I’ve been doing database dumps so the IDs have been preserved.


  1. I’ve gotten quite a few fewer pings which is why I didn’t mention them: 272 legitimate pings out of 592. I had trackbacks turned off for the longest time, which is why my numbers aren’t too high.
    I could probably remove a pile of stupidly irrelevant comments from my site, but it’s just made things more interesting when people follow up on them.
    Thanks for the link, man!

  2. Scary how much the spammers use the system with those ratios. I don’t think i’ll go look at my stats – will be too depressing at how many times I’ve used mtblacklist to kill the comments.

  3. Well, I’ve got a total of 307 comments, yey for me! I’m happy with that amount. No where near as popular as this site, and I haven’t had comments enabled for that long. The ID in the DB is over 800. Damn spammers.
    However, are sites written on proprietry code less prone to comments/comment spam/trackbacks? I think so. Because, (especailly with mine) they don’t have all the built in ping/trackback features…

  4. I would guess that systems like MT and WordPress tend to be targeted more because they are used by more users. To target custom CMS systems would require more effort. It’s why Windows tends to be exploited more than OS X and Linux, for example.

  5. The amount of spam is amazing. I only had one piece of spam with blogger – I get ten a day with MT 😀