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Because lists are fun

  • Last night was interesting, and fun. I was at a house party in Thornton. From what I saw of it, it looks like a nice place.
  • PlusNet have given us the 22nd October as the provisional activation date for our ADSL.
  • A LAME encoder for iTunes. One less reason to use my laptop – iTunes’ own MP3 encoder isn’t that good, so this looks like a nice replacement. Also, throw in the G4-optimised LAME build for better performance.
  • Still, it seems Apple don’t think a lot of their iSight camera.
  • Having not really been online much last week, I’m somewhat behind on my subscriptions – I have 692 unread items in Bloglines. Still, it’s down from the 1000+ of yesterday, and most of those are in just 3 channels.
  • The trees are starting to turn colour now so I may go out and get some autumn pictures. The weather’s not great today, but then it is autumn so that’s to be expected really.


  1. Still using iTunes? I love lists too.

  2. Thornton, you say?
    It could be pleasant if it wasn’t for the large townie population, many of whom know me by name and reputation. Also, I know of one family (not personally) who moved (from Thornton) to another house and had huge gates and CCTV installed due to racim (I don’t know why they didn’t move out of Thornton—that’s what I did).
    Maybe it’s a nice place if you don’t have brown skin or stretched ear lobe piercings.

  3. Joe: Of course I’m still using iTunes. It’s fine on the Mac, just not so great on Windows when compared to other players.
    Tom: As I said, it looked nice, but it was at night đŸ™‚ .

  4. Neil finally admits it đŸ˜€