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Let there be LiveJournallers

Thanks to an update to the OpenID Comments plugin for MT, you can now post comments using your OpenID or LiveJournal accounts as well as TypeKey, or just as a boring old unregistered user. The feature has been there for a while but it’s taken until now for it to actually work.
You also now don’t need to provide your email address when commenting. This is mostly down to a side effect of the OpenID plugin – OpenID doesn’t provide email addresses, so if I require them all OpenID comments will be rejected – but I’ve found that those who don’t want to provide their email addresses will use a fake one anyway. I would still like you to provide your email address, however, as it means that I can email you replies to your comments. It also means you can optionally get email updates when new comments are posted to an entry.
By the way, all of you TypeKey users are also OpenID users. Log in to your TypeKey account and update your details (you don’t have to make any changes but you will need to submit the form). This will OpenID-enable your TypeKey profile page at[yourusername] .


  1. thats actually 🙂

  2. Cheers! That’s good news. 🙂

  3. Nothing wrong with being unregistered

  4. Heh, I can use OpenID, yipee!

  5. Yay OpenID! Now to work out whether I should use this or TypeKey in the future.
    I’ll probably stick with TypeKey, I think.

  6. Hmmm…I saved my profile at TypeKey, but I don’t see any changes regarding OpenID.

  7. OpenID – Heard of it?

    I’ve added OpenID support to my site, I need to change it a little though so the log-in box disappears when you log-in. Hopefully I’ll find the code to the box like at Neil’s World or . Wait, I added…