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Dead Phone

I’m discovering the hard way that mobile phones and washing machines don’t mix. I left my Nokia 7250i in my trouser pocket, and only realised it was still there when I heard it clunking in the drum, 15 minutes into the wash. Despite cancelling it and rescuing it, the phone appears to be dead.
Thankfully the SIM card is alright and I have a reasonably recent backup of contacts on my laptop so provided I get a new handset I should be okay. Presently I’m scouring eBay although Tesco have the Motorola RAZR V3 in silver for £170 which I’m tempted by – but really I don’t want to be spending that kind of money.
I’d welcome any suggestions but I’m only after phones that are unlocked with SIM cards – I’m happy with my number and tariff and don’t want to change.
Update: Just won an auction for a “virtually brand new” Nokia 6230i on eBay for £139, which I thought was a pretty good deal. Admittedly its predecessor, the 6230, is the ultimate chav phone but it’s well-featured and quite small, and I think you can change the covers.


  1. I don’t use mobiles much. I’ve left loads of stuff in my pockets over the years, from homework to £10 notes.

  2. Neil a chav? I’ve always wondered about the thought that chavs put into selecting their Burberry caps and bling… perhaps you’ll blog about the experience so the truth can finally be revealed?

  3. This is a test comment posted via my LiveJournal account and OpenID.

  4. The 6230i looks a nice phone, I’m planning on getting one soon. It’ll save me buying a separate mp3 player anyway.

  5. Nokias today eh?
    My 7110 drowned in a vodka and orange, so I washed it out in the pub with water, left it on the radiator for 2 days and it worked fine after that.
    I quite like my 6230 – small and it works. No where near the week and a half battery life of the 6210, but thats the price of color and a camera.