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23rd Post Meme

I’ve been tagged by Anthony to do this so here goes:

  • Search your blog archive
  • Find your 23rd post
  • Find the fifth sentence – this is meant to say something about you
  • Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions
  • Tag five people to do the same

Well, okay – here’s the fifth sentence of the 23rd post:

Handy eh?

Bit of an anti-climax, don’t you think? That was written at the end of January 2002, when I was still in college and hadn’t got my A-levels yet.
So, for the next 5 victims, I shall choose…

  1. Kim
  2. Kazza
  3. Richard
  4. Richy
  5. Andy


  1. I saw this somewhere else. Don’t like memes myself.

  2. Gosh that IS deep… or not.. depending which school of psychology you follow.
    Jung would have a field day with that.

  3. Ah. My 23rd posting is a single sentence.
    BTW, the numbers 23 and 5 are significant in Discordianism – I’d guess that’s why they were chosen for the meme.

  4. Oh man, you realize how much DIGGING this will take? 😛

  5. hey mi name is mandy what cinda thing is this? lol