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Malham photos

Limestone Pavement
My Malham photos are up. This was the first real test of my camera during the day and I have to say I’m rather impressed as most of the photos have come out very well with minimal editing required.
My lecture this morning was interesting – it was entitled “How to be a hacker” and is the first lecture I’ve had where the first slide was a disclaimer, saying that the university “takes no responsibility for any malicious actions taken by individuals who may take inspiration from the contents.”. Subsequent slides covered an overview of l33t$p33k and how to find known vunerabilities in software. (I suppose a better title would be “How to be a script kiddie” but this was supposed to be an introductory lecture). I think I’m going to like this course.
I’ll email the lecturer to ask if I’m allowed to post the lecture slides online.

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