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This calls for a celebratory beer

Last month I earned over US$300 in Google Adsense revenue – or just under £175. September has therefore been my best ever month, and if this trend continues I’ll be earning over £2000 per year.

$40 of that has, however, been donated to the American Red Cross for their Katrina Relief Effort.


  1. Well done Neil – will my blog ever be that profitable?

  2. Well done Neil! How does it work? on visitors or when visitors click links?

  3. Stellar man. Wish I was that good with AdSense!

  4. Don’t forget to put aside a bit for the taxman for when you do your tax return…

  5. Nicely done!! *high five*

  6. Nice one!
    But dagnabbit – what is your secret? I’ve got AdSense set up on, but it’s generating no revenue (or at most, one to two dollars a month – which is around 60p).
    Am I doing something wrong?

  7. Well done indeed.
    I’m curious as to what your stats are though, how does the total relate to visitors etc?

  8. I’ll be lucky to get 1% of that!

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