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Feed Fixation

Just fixed a mismatched HTML tag that was stopping certain less liberal feed readers from parsing the Atom feed correctly (NetNewsWire seems to be one of the main culprits – it’ll allow some errors in RSS but will refuse to parse any Atom feeds that aren’t well-formed. So much for Postel’s Law…). So apologies if you see lots of new entries appearing.
I’ve been up in the Dales on my first hike with the university hiking club. We went up to Malham and Gordale Scar – the weather was quite nice and I got some good photos that I’ll upload at some point (maybe tomorrow). The walk is usually 7 miles, if you go up Gordale Scar, but as I didn’t fancy climbing up a waterfall in my walking boots (my proper hiking boots are still in York) I took a detour which added on an extra mile. Still, after a summer of not doing a lot, the exercise is very much welcome, and like most hikes there was a good pub at the end in Malham village.
The plan for tonight is a curry, and indeed the plan for tomorrow is a curry from the same curry house since it’s my housemate’s birthday. I’ll not be having curry on Tuesday, I imagine.


  1. Well thank you Neil. I’ve told you this has been happening for months…

  2. Erm, no it hasn’t. This has been happening since 19th Sept.
    The problem you are talking about relates to a very ocassional bug in a particular plugin that is too rare for me to be able to reliably reproduce.

  3. NetNewsWire will attempt to parse even non-well-formed Atom feeds. It may not always succeed, though, depending on how exactly it’s not well-formed.
    If you have a copy of the source of the feed before you fixed it, please email it to me so I can see if there’s a way to deal with this particular error in the future.

  4. 14 posts in one hit arrived today using feedreader. I wondered what was going on.