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I was wondering why hadn’t seen any new comments in a while on here, but then that might be because I haven’t actually posted here since Tuesday. I’ve been rather busy with work, lectures and also having a social life so I haven’t had all that much time to mope around on the internet lately.
Of the 6 modules I’m taking this semester I’ve had lectures in 5 of them (the 6th is on Monday morning), and of those one is really good, one is alright, one would be good if the lecturer wasn’t so arrogant, one hasn’t really got going yet so I can’t pass proper judgement but looks really interesting, and the other one looks really hard. The ‘really good’ one is Crime Scene Management, which is actually run by the Archaeology department and West Yorkshire Police, and in the lecture yesterday we were actually looking at two mocked-up crime scenes to try to find evidence and assess what would need to be done prior to the start of an investigation (cordoning, fact-finding, sourcing of equipment etc.). Beats sitting in a room having someone babble on about ASCII codes and assembly language at you.
Tomorrow is one of the university’s big open days (the third of three that we have each year) so I’m working that, from 8:30am in the morning, and on Sunday I have my first hike with the Hiking Club. Not entirely sure where we’re going yet though. I may well not bother going out tonight, bearing in mind I went to bed about half nine last night since I could barely stay awake, and that tomorrow’s an early start. And Sunday.
incidentally I’m posting this from a cluster machine in the library, which thankfully all have Firefox installed (though they’re still on the now rather insecure version 1.0 and not 1.0.7). The machines also appear to have MSN Messenger 7.5 on which, having been used to clients like Trillian and Adium for so long, is awful – full of peripheral crap that I really don’t need or care about, like winks, nudges, packs, handwriting etc. The contact list is also a pane on any resolution less than 1280×1024 – huge advertising banner, those tabs down the side (which can, admittedly, be disabled), web search box (totally useless because I have one already in the browser) and that weird notification thing that tries to get you to join their customer experience improvement programme. I’ll be sticking with Trillian and Adium for now.
Update: Well now, this is interesting. The system happily let me upgrade Firefox 1.0 to 1.0.7 on this machine. Hmmm.


  1. Ugh, not MSN 7.5. Long live GAIM!

  2. Confession: I love MSN’s nudge feature. There, I’ve said it. Think of me what you will… 😉 I only really use it to talk to my brother’s kids in Qatar so sessions are full of txt speak and emoticons. Great fun.
    I’ve been finding FF 1.0.7 a bit of a problem on both Win XP and 2K, with a daily, sometimes twice daily crash. I might download 1.5 tomorrow, assuming I’ll still be able to use the extensions I’ve come to rely on such as Chris Pederick’s Web Developer tool and Aardvark – do you happen to know if they’ll work?