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Stewe Griffin: The Untold Story has Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story for £12 (the film also known as The Family Guy Movie). It’s out on the 24th October, and I’ve ordered a copy – I never managed to download it and at the rate I’m going it’ll be out by the time I’ll have downloaded it so I might as well buy it. Not much in the way of extra features though – some commentaries and deleted scenes. Some of my friends have seen it and apparently it’s freakin’ sweet, as one might say.
CD-WOW also have the US version available now for £14 but you’ll need a multi-region player since it’s region 1, and it will take up to week for delivery since they’re based in Hong Kong I think.
And I’d also better mention that are now selling the Red Dwarf VII DVD at only £14.99 – when I first ordered it, it was £16.99, though as it’s not out yet it appears that they’re charging me the lower price.


  1. do that. The max you pay is what it was when you ordered it, but it can go down. Pretty sweet. Remember, there is for R1 stuff at prices!
    The movie is “frickin’ sweeeeet”, however, will it be coupled with the S4 boxset?
    RedDwarf, waiting for the entire show DVD…can’t wait.

  2. Now that *is freaky*. I’ve just thought about seeing if Play had the series 7 Red Dwarf DVD in stock (having been watched series 6 last weekend) and I just checked the availability and saw the ad for the Family Guy movie. Thought I’d order them later, “but first I’ll check on” and lo and behold this post….
    Neil – get out of my head!