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Confirm my bug

If anyone has a few minutes and is willing to install a recent production build of Mozilla (as in the browser suite that’s at version 1.7.x) and how a fresh install of Firefox imports data from it, then I’d really appreciate it. Ages ago I posted bug 253524, where Firefox was importing email passwords from Mozilla Mail (which, if anything, is pointless because Firefox doesn’t support any email protocols), however no-one has confirmed the bug and it looks at being at risk of being autoclosed for inactivity. I don’t have the time right now to check if it still occurs.
If you can reproduce it – or if you can’t – please post in the comments over at BugZilla. I’ve posted the exact steps to reproduce the bug over in the bug details.


  1. I hate the Bugzilla system, too hard.

  2. Following the Bugzilla guidelines, I’m setting the bug to NEW as the report is well done. I’ll try reproducing the bug sometime this week on a branch build to see if it’s still in there.
    Anyway, that should keep the bug clear of the auto-resolution sweep.