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Night off

I’m taking tonight off from heavy drinking and going out, so I have a bit more time to blog and read up on blogs. So here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • I’ve naturally been playing with my new camera. Most of the shots have been taken at night but there’s some good ones which I’ve uploaded to Flickr. All in all I’m very happy with it and it was well worth the price I paid. It even has some LEDs on the front that flash blue and red when it turns on for extra flashiness. Doesn’t make the photos any better but it’s cool nonetheless.
  • Tim Westwood was alright on Monday but nothing special. He spent more time gabbering than playing records and never stuck with the same song for its whole duration. Still, the crowd seemed to like him. I couldn’t get a photo of him but I did get his pimped-out ride.
  • Tomorrow night is rock and indie which should be good. I’m volunteering for the union in the morning so I’ll get free entry for it, fingers crossed. It’s also the Sports and Societies Fair so I may pop down – I’m thinking about joining the Hiking Club. Might sound strange to you but I used to walk in the countryside quite a bit with my parents and it is nice to get out of Bradford from time to time.
  • Although I haven’t been able to log in to MT to clear out spam and approve comments much lately, it would appear that SpamLookup is doing a very good job of keeping the blog spam-free even without me. Though I’ve had over 100 junk trackbacks over the past few days, none of those leaked out onto the main site.
  • Varsity, the chain of student-focussed bars, now sells something called the Dirty Burger. For £7 you get a triple-decker beef burger, cheese, bacon, chilli, onion rings, fried egg, jalapeno peppers and chips. And a side salad, just to make you feel less guilty about it. Seriously if that isn’t a heart attack on a plate then I don’t know what is. I want to try one but I’m worried I may not live to tell the tale – may need to share it.
  • Talking of diets my summer diet has totally gone out of the window. Until last week I was eating quite healthily, but I just haven’t had the time to eat properly so I’ve mostly been on takeaway food. Especially as Subway are now doing their daily special with a drink and a cookie for £2.99.
  • There’s a minor update to iTunes – it’s now version 5.0.1, and has “stability improvements”.
  • Opera is now totally free. A great day for increased browser choice.


  1. I worry about Opera’s threat on Firefox. Read up my blog!

  2. Leave out the Cookie and drink water and the Subway meal isn’t that bad for you at all!

  3. Varsity isn’t really student focused. It just does cheap food and drink

  4. Thanks for sharing the Opera news, despite your allegiance to Firefox. LOL. But it can only help the standardisation of the net if people stop using IE! 🙂