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Still alive… just

  • What a weekend… I’ve been incredibly hungover and sleep-deprived for the past three mornings in a row, and my summer diet has totally gone out of the window. But I’m having a good time, so what the heck 🙂
  • On Saturday I spent most of the day helping out with odd jobs – moving people in, sorting out second-hand clothes, stuffing envelopes, that kind of thing – then went to a house party where there was a punch fountain (literally an indoor water feature but with alcoholic punch instead of water) and a computer with over 1 month’s music on it. And there were drinking games.
  • I somehow managed to get myself out of bed and into the union before 9am yesterday morning, where I spent most of the day chaperoning one of the minibuses. We did a morning pickup at LBA since around 30 people all arrived about the same time – unfortunately only 28 of those 30 managed to get all of their luggage. One of the two only had his hand luggage – and all of his clothes were in the missing suitcases. He’d come from the west coast of America and this was the first time he’d ever been on a plane.
  • We also did 3 pickups from the interchange, which is much nicer considering that the interchange is only a 5 minute drive at most whereas the airport is about half an hour away. And I just did some general helping in between all that. Mini fridges seem to be the in-thing for students to bring into halls this year.
  • And then there was the pub crawl. Oh yes. We needed to recruit at least 50 people because we had phoned the pubs before and told them we would bring at least 50 (and in return they would give us free stuff). In actual fact we had well over 100, the vast majority being freshers. All in all it went really well and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.
  • And in other news… my camera is now officially deceased. The motor on the zoom packed in last night so it now won’t take pictures anymore, and therefore not of any real use (you can still view photos on the screen though). I might go into town this afternoon to see what I can pick up locally – if I can get one ASAP I’m willing to spend a bit more, but won’t be at home enought to be able to have one delivered.
  • I also got a link from the Guardian Editors Blog. Which is nice 🙂 .

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  1. Congratulations. I hope that eventually my blog will become famous like yours 😀