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  • Life is getting a little hectic now – and Freshers’ Week hasn’t even started yet. Yesterday I was out for the boss’s birthday at a local curry house, tonight I’ll be eating the leftover starters. It was very nice but there was just too much food for everyone. I still felt bloated this morning.
  • Talking of this morning, I found exactly 1 place in the university where I could use a cluster machine before 8:45am. Outside term time the library isn’t open until then, and the School of Informatics have closed 5 out of their 6 open access labs for upgrades. And for some reason my access card is rejected by the 6th one so I can’t get in outside of usual hours (i.e. 9am-6pm weekdays). Said cluster is in the Richmond Building, or Richmond Bilding as its sign currently reads.
  • And as for Freshers’ Week, we’ve got some potentially interesting events. On Monday we have Tim Westwood doing a live DJ set, and on Wednesday some Godskitchen DJs are playing. Thursday is an Indie night with a live band and Friday is the usual FND.
  • Apparently Google have launched a Blog search engine. I only found this out because almost every blog on my blogroll said something about it. Technorati was giving me slightly better results for the test queries I tried.
  • On a related note, Google Local Search is great. I had someone on the phone today needing phone numbers for hotels that weren’t full this weekend (most are full of parents whose offspring are arriving at university on Sunday) – typing ‘cedar court hotel in bradford‘ brought up the address and phone number straightaway.
  • Elise has put a copy of my SpamLookup article on Learning Movable Type. Perhaps ironically the first comment on it was spam.
  • EULAlyzer sounds interesting – it’s by Java Cool Software, creators of SpywareBlaster. You feed a EULA into it and it tells you if there’s anything ‘interesting’ about it – whether it permits the software to install spyware, send information about you to its makers or sell your mother-in-law on eBay. The latter may not necessarily be a bad thing but it’s nice to be able to know about it without reading the whole EULA. It found nothing interesting about FeedDemon’s EULA, and only a couple of references to third-party extensions in Firefox’s EULA. I didn’t try it on anything like Kazaa as I’m not the sort of person who’d have that lying around on my hard drive. Courtesy of Ed Bott


  1. Google Blog Search indexes feeds only and not the full html in blogs. This might be a good opportunity for bloggers to rethink their blogging objectives and perhaps publish full feeds.

  2. I remember people talking about something like EULAlyzer months/years ago and deciding it would be too hard to implement. Hopefully they know what they’re doing in order to make it work effectively.
    It’s about time Bradford uni got some decent visiting DJs, hopefully they’ll be back again after freshers week is over.