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A paper for the people

The first edition of the new all-colour “Berliner” Guardian came out this morning. Although my lunch hour has recently gone down to a half hour I still got myself a copy, and I have to say I’m very impressed with the new design. The smaller size also makes the paper much easier to handle, especially on a desk like mine which still has piles of papers left over from clearing. I particularly like the new centre-fold photo, and the new font is very readable while still looking more modern than before.
But what’s impressed me most is reading the Editors’ Blog. The process of bringing the new paper into the world has been blogged in a high level of detail, with photos showing many of the key stages. But also questions posed by commenters have been answered in later posts – ‘Is Guardian Unlimited Changing Too?’ and Should Doonesbury be saved? being two of them. The level of interaction between readers and journalists here is impressive and it’s great to see the conversation develop and reader input make a difference in the final product.
By the way, if anyone missed the final broadsheet edition of The Guardian on Saturday, there’s at least 3 on sale at eBay. I have a copy but only the main section and I intend to keep it 🙂 .


  1. My daily paper the Western Mail changed to a smaller format some time ago. I was dubious and thought it was a gimmick but I must say I now prefer it. It’s thicker but much easier to handle.

  2. I dunno I’m a bit of an elitist, I like my broadsheets! 😉

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