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Celebrity Run-in

  • Went to Salts Mill with the parents today. At lunch, we were sat in Salt’s Diner, and at the table opposite a woman sat down and got out a cigarette (there were no free tables in the non-smoking section). As she was doing so, she looked at me and smiled. Initially I thought nothing of it, but it turns it she was actually the author Anne Fine, who was doing a book signing there today. She wrote the book behind the film Mrs Doubtfire, starring Robin Williams.
  • My mother also brought over a cover for one of my easy chairs – I have three, one came with the house and the other two were salvaged from the student union when they were clearing out their board room. It’s now blue, instead of a horrible brown colour, with the other one getting a cover soon. When she brought them over, she had to adjust them, and in doing so made a real mess on my floor, which she left for me to vacuum up; this was despite me having tidied and vacuumed before she’d arrived to stop her complaining. Yeah, thanks mum…
  • My Griffin iMic arrived today – well, actually it arrives several days ago at home but my parents only brought it through today. Its sound output is much better than the built-in headphone socket of the Mac Mini, and it comes with an auxiliary cable adaptor for plugging in things like cassette decks and turntables. And it adds a microphone/line in port which will be handy as the Mac Mini doesn’t come with one – now I’ll be able to Skype people, provided that we get broadband some time soon.
  • The Guardian has launched its Editors Blog…where senior Guardian staff write about the decisions they make, and the reasons behind them. Today Victor Keegan is writing about the Guardian’s relaunch tomorrow in a new, smaller size (sort-of halfway between a broadsheet and a tabloid) and its new look.

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  1. Having DSL/cable could always help 😀 . The biggest celeb I’ve met recently is my MP.