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What’s in your Dock?

A few weeks ago I took part in the What’s on your Start Menu? meme. Dave, picked up the baton, but being a Mac user did ‘What’s in your Dock?’ instead. It’s probably only fair that I do too…
My Dock
From left to right:

  • Finder – because you can’t get rid of it. Not that I’d want to as it is very useful.
  • Thunderbird – the lack of internet access at home has stopped me from really playing around with this but as it’s the same as what I use on the PC the learning curve should be much smoother.
  • Firefox – here in its 1.5 beta 1 form, which works much better on OS X than previous versions and feels like a proper Mac app. This is my default browser, since it supports all those wonderful extensions (or will do when they’re updated), doesn’t look too bad and is the same as what I’m used to in Windows.
  • Camino – again, a test build (0.9 alpha 2). Looks alright but my initial enthusiasm for this browser is wearing off.
  • Safari – looks gorgeous and seems quite fast, but it’s just not Firefox.
  • NeoOffice – I do need an office application but AppleWorks sucks and Microsoft Office:mac is overkill (and expensive) – this does the job nicely. Sure, you can read several chapters of War and Peace while waiting for it to load and it’s not particularly pretty but it’s free and does what I want it to do.
  • iTunes – this is iTunes 5, which since upgrading now hangs for about 20 seconds after the GUI appears. I wonder if it’s trying to call home, but can’t because there’s no internet connection. Anyway, this is my default ‘background music’ media player.
  • Adium – I love this program. The duck is cute and the interface is brilliant – by far the best IM program I’ve used. And it’s open source.
  • Address Book – not really used this but I haven’t got around to remove it. Probably not a whole lot of use to me since I use Thunderbird and not Mail for email.
  • iPhoto – a nice little app that works well, though I still prefer Picasa2 on Windows.
  • VLC – has a really nice interface in OS X. My other default media player, though I also have QuickTime (obviously), RealPlayer and Windows Media Player too.
  • iDVD – not really used this so I haven’t decided whether to get rid of it or not.
  • iCal – again, not really used it. Should really have this run on startup so then it at least shows today’s date and not July 17th all the time.
  • QuickTime – sucks less on OS X than on Windows, as you’d expect, but I still prefer VLC.
  • System Preferences – still playing with some of the settings, and I need it to get to the MySQL preference pane to turn the server on if I need it (I don’t have it running all the time to save resources).
  • Terminal – handy for installing Perl packages and for being a Unix Ubergeek.
  • Trash – again, you can’t remove this. Still prefer the less US-centric “Recycle Bin” though.

I may add skEdit, which I’ve just bought – while it’s not as fully-featured as BBEdit, it serves my needs and is a lot cheaper – $20 for lifetime updates versus $49 (educational price) with the likelihood of needing to buy updates in future. I also tend to use Console quite a bit when debugging PHP scripts, so that may get added.


  1. I don’t use any Windock programs, hogs up to much screenspace :D, plus I have no need because of my little run trick…

  2. I have always thought that “Recycle Bin” is a much better name mainly because doesn’t force Americanisms on us but also because it implies the re-use of disk space.

  3. Mine has:
    Firefox 1.5b1
    Indesign CS
    Illustrator CS
    Photoshop CS
    Imageready CS
    Dreamweaver MX 2004

  4. Dock-age

  5. Too bad there is no IM program like Adium for Windows. Trillian and Gaim just don’t cut it. Just from screenshots alone I can tell that Adium is the real deal.
    I am getting real close to slapping down the credit card and going for a Mac Mini. Might wait until the first Intel-based Macs come out, as then I can use it as a home machine and dual-boot Windows if needed. Gotta maximize the investment after all 🙂

  6. I wanted to share what’s on my Dock.

  7. Have you ever given SubEthaEdit ( a try. It is free for EDU use, and is a very nice alternative to BBEdit (though as I own BBEdit, I prefer it as it is more fully featured). I use SubEthaEdit at work though.