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General state of quietness

  • I’m trying to remember the last time I went two days without a post – must have been a while ago. I’ve been rather busy with work and stuff so I haven’t had time to say much, hence the reason why there’s been several posts like this one lately – when I do have time to write something, I tend to compress it down a bit.
  • Until now, all comments, bar potential spam, have been accepted on the sideblog immediately. A comment I received last night, however, made me change that – now, like with the main blog, comments by non-TypeKey users or unapproved TypeKey users are moderated first. The comment contained information that is technically illegal in England and Wales, and for good reason. It was only up for around 15 hours but I’d rather not have that kind of information on here, nor will I say what it was because I don’t want to encourage its reposting. I’m debating whether to talk to the commenters’ ISP about it.
  • ETA for broadband is now about 2 weeks – the BT line is being reactivated and I’ll be ordering it soon. I will have dial-up again very soon so I might be able to post a little more frequently – and finally get on the net with my Mac.
  • We’re going with PlusNet, incidentally, since they offer unlimited 2MB broadband for £15/month (50:1 contention) and are quite good from previous experience. We’ve told Bulldog that we’re no longer interested. They’re now subject to an Ofcom investigation and were on BBC Watchdog last night – pity I missed it (more from El Reg).
  • Spent yesterday afternoon painting the old Scrapie office in the student union – it’s being turned into a second-hand clothes shop for students with the magazine moving upstairs pending a relaunch later this month. It was weird being in there with the room empty, bearing in mind how much rubbish is normally in there. It was also nice to finally get rid of the horrible off-yellow paint and replace it with powder blue, which looks much better.
  • Since the Biko bar is no longer open for food, I’ve been resorting to taking a packed lunch in with me. Which is actually less effort than I though – it just takes 5-10 minutes the previous night to put it together. And in the long run, will probably save me a fair bit of cash – I was spending about £3 a day on lunch instead of making it myself for well under £1. Though I do miss being able to leave my desk and chill out for half an hour or so.
  • The Open Rights Group is starting to show some progress. The ORG will take a role similar to that of the Electronic Frontier Foundation in the US and its advisory board includes a couple of EFF people such as Cory Doctorow and Danny O’Brien. They still, however, need money, so sign the pledge if you haven’t already done so – we need another 180 signatures.
  • Nothing too exciting for the rest of the week but I’ll be meeting the parents on Sunday, and next week will be my last week working full time, since after that it’ll be freshers week and then the start of term.
  • And finally, iTunes 5.0 is out, or will be in the next few minutes, presumably with support for that elusive iTunes phone 🙂


  1. And finally, iTunes 5.0 is out, or will be in the next few minutes, presumably with support for that elusive iTunes phone 🙂

    Which one is it then?

  2. iTunes 5 is evil. I had to re-add all my music, and re-create all my playlists. Why can’t these things be automagical?

  3. Joe: That’s the Motorola ROKR E1, announced yesterday.
    Ben: Weird. I’ve only tried it on my Mac so far but the upgrade from 4.9 was seamless.