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  • The general quietness here has been down to a rather busy few days. On Thursday I was out most of the evening since one of my friends has just finished her re-sits, and Friday was the closing down party at The Biko. Part of the reasoning behind the party was to drink the bar dry (no point in wasting the leftover booze) and indeed by 9pm there was no beer left. The vodka went not long afterwards (bar the odd bottle of Taboo, which is vile – avoid it) and we went from having 6 brands of whisky on offer down to just the one. I’ll miss that place.
  • Didn’t do much yesterday as having been out 3 nights last week and also working 9-5 every day I was absolutely knackered. Today has been similarly quiet.
  • On the site, I’m in the process of integrating OpenID support as another comment authentification option alongside TypeKey. All LiveJournal user accounts are OpenID-enabled and any Movable Type installation can become an OpenID server. The plugins are included in the extras/ folder in the MT zip file and just need to be dropped into place to get going. Unfortunately right now the authentification doesn’t seem to be working – if you try to comment using OpenID or LiveJournal you’re told that you are missing a name and email address. Not quite sure why this is happening but I’ve seen it reported elsewhere.
  • Installed MySQL on my Mac. The installation was so easy it was practically a non-event. I particularly like the availability of a preferance pane to make it easier to start and stop the server. I’m also putting PHP on there so that I can use it as a development environment.
  • I haven’t said much about what is going on in New Orleans, mainly because a lot of other people have already said a lot of other things about it and that words cannot begin to describe the horror.
  • I’ve ordered Series 7 of Red Dwarf from since it’s only £16.99 at the moment. 7 and 8 were both longer than the previous 6 series (8 episodes instead of 6) so it’s on 3 discs instead of two. And it’s purple. It’s due to be released in early November. I’ve also bought series 3, to go with 4,5 and 6 which I already have. I wasn’t so keen on the first two series, but then Kryten is one of my favourite characters.
  • Not a hugely interesting week ahead but two weeks today is Intake Day when all the new freshers arrive on campus, followed by Freshers Week of which I usually end up with very hazy memories of.


  1. Yes. I prefer OpenID. TypeKey users can use it too through a proxy.

  2. I’ve had the same issue when setting up OpenID. I had to turn off the option to require email addresses for the time being. I am using your PHP Typekey code, but modified it so the email and name forms always show, so an email can still be entered when using OpenID. The strange thing is, when entering an email for OpenID, in the Movable Type GUI, it says no address entered, but the email address does show in the MT database and also is output with the MTCommentEmail tag.

  3. Red Dwarf, yey. I’m waiting to a box set of the whole show comes out til I purchase the DVDs. Can’t wait. Should be some time early next year, I hope.

  4. Hi Neil,
    I am at Bradford Uni, What does freshers week look like – are there any plans out yet as I obviously want to attend the big traditional bar crawl (i think stella sponsor it) any idea when it is? or where i can find out about freshers week?

  5. Chris, I’ve heard the best pubcrawl’s on the Friday night, run by the Union. Never done it, but seen people afterwards, and it doesn’t look pretty!