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Daily Show coming to the UK

DigitalSpy has details of Channel 4’s new digital channel, More4, launching in early October on Sky, cable and Freeview.
Most of the programmes will be documentaries but it will also include some US imports like The West Wing. It will also show The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, on a one-day delay. Which is great because The Daily Show is excellent but not widely available here – I think there’s an omnibus edition on CNN Europe but only once a week and at about 3am, or something. It’ll also be the first time that viewers of Freeview can watch it as CNN is only available on Sky and cable here. Obviously you can download it, but that’s not strictly legal, of course.
Our Freeview reception is patchy but we can get E4+1 – hopefully we’ll be able to get More4 or More4+1 when it launches.


  1. YAY – Daily Show is ace… er.. allegedly.

  2. Yay. This is very good news 🙂
    From the shows I’ve downloaded it seems funny – and I have Sky so I can watch it! Hurray!