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  • I should have internet at home some time in the next 3 weeks. The housemate who hasn’t paid the BT bill should be back at the end of this week or the beginning of next week.
  • I’m back on the clearing line, but on the rather more sociable hours of 9am-4:30pm instead of 8:30am-7pm. Which means I get less pay but don’t feel so bloody knackered at the end of the day.
  • This sounds interesting. It’s a solar-powered phone charger for Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola and Siemens phones, but also has its own rechargeable battery pack so if you don’t have any sunlight you can still charge your phone. At £35 I’m not sure if I’d find it useful but I suppose it’s something to think about.
  • For some reason the university firewall blocks port 5222, which is the normal port used by Jabber. I can use Jabber over legacy SSL on port 5223, but 5222 is the recommended port. Still, it means I’m on Jabber and Google Talk again.
  • Now that I’ve actually used GeoBloggers and found how easy it is to tag your own photos, I’ll start adding Geotags to my Flickr photos. There’s not many tagged photos in Bradford yet.
  • I have a new blind in my room. It’s very snazzy.
  • I tried the new Google Desktop with the sidebar yesterday. Although the sidebar could potentially be useful for some, it didn’t seem worth it for me. The mail function doesn’t seem to work with Thunderbird and I don’t use my Gmail account enough for it to be useful, the weather function is US-only and I have my own instant messaging and web feed software (it shows your Google Talk buddies if you have it installed). Still, it does everything the old version did as well so it’s still worth keeping.
  • 2.0 beta 2 is out. Should be more stable than beta 1, if any of you tried that. Windows, Linux and Solaris.
  • Console is my latest favourite Mac OS X tool. It’s a live log file viewer – you can have it view Apache’s error_log, for example, to view web page errors.


  1. Windup chargers for mobiles are cheaper, though it takes a little more effort. The bike-powered chargers are even better, but you obviously need to be riding around for it to charge. I should probably get myself a wind-up charger soon, oh and an adaptor for my smart phone if they’re cheap enough.
    The house I was staying in at the weekend had no curtains or blinds at all, so I know what it’s like to live without. It’s one thing to wake up with sunrise whilst working on a camp site, but quite another when it’s just because you have no blinds.

  2. Make sure you get the flickr greasemonkey tags for geotagging as it is a lot easier when you do this.

  3. Good to see you’ve started Geotagging now, will save me the time doing it for you 😀

  4. Hi,
    Google Desktop’s weather tile does work outside the us, just type in “placename,uk”, works for edinburgh and belfast at least