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Flicking off

CNet have a piece about fallout from Yahoo!’s integration of Flickr. The article seems to rest on comments made in the group Flick Off, a campaign to have people close their Flickr accounts 24 hours before the point at which all Flickr users will need Yahoo! IDs to be able to continue to use the service.
It says that hundreds have joined the group, and while at the time of writing 884 people had, not all of those 884 will support the cause. To be able to join the discussions you have to join and there were more than a few users sticking up for Flickr in the message threads.
Personally I’m not fussed about the situation. If I think Flickr is going downhill then I’ll consider jumping ship but right now I have no reason to believe it will. Having seen Jeremy Zawodny’s presentation at Open Tech in July and seen some of their recent moves I have renewed faith in Yahoo!. Messing Flickr up would be a huge mistake and not something that a company like Yahoo! can afford to make if it wants to stay cool among the tech trendsetters.
Update: There’s a better article at Wired News with quotes from co-founder Stewart Butterfield [Via], and more at Guardian Newsblog.


  1. I can’t get my preferred sign in for Yahoo because I registered it way back in 1998 and have forgotten all the details since then. This would be fine except for the fact that the Recover Password is so US centric it just doesn’t work if you don’t have a postcode like me.

  2. I’d actually be surprised if they forced their current users to become Yahoo members. I’m on several yahoo group mailing lists and don’t have a Yahoo account. Or maybe it’s just wishful thinking on my part.

  3. Personally i don’t think they’ve realised/remembered that you can sign up for their mailing lists without a yahoo account 🙂
    I think they will force the users to become yahoo members as it is far more complicated for them to run two systems and there is the potential for crossover to over areas. Personally I don’t see what all the fuss is about but I think that if they had got the authentication working correctly with the flickr logins they wouldn’t have half the protests that they do at the moment.

  4. That’s actually a good point – they could modify their database slightly, turn all the Flickr accounts into full Yahoo accounts and then they’d only have the one database. Tell people after they’ve done it and there’d be no complaints – people would think they still have Flickr accounts.

  5. flick off flickr and blow off
    What is it about Internet start-ups that makes them think they have to grow up?
    I am picking that the 900 so far will blow out to over 50,000 in the next few months, J

  6. Yes, just make the Flickr accounts Yahoo accounts. If the usernames already exist and the password is the same auto merge them.

  7. Flickr Off?

    Many Flickr members are planning a mass account delete, 24hrs before Flickr requires Y! IDs. This will probably be next year.
    Over 1000 members are in a Flickr group which opposes this move, and as said some are going to delete their accounts. I&#…