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Free, as in beer

I managed to blag a free crate of beer today. I bought a 20 pack of Fosters from Tesco, but when checking my receipt, found I’d been charged twice for just the one pack – which, at £13 is quite a bit. So naturally I complained, and not only was I refunded the £13 that I shouldn’t have paid, but the £13 of the pack I actually bought, meaning that I didn’t pay a penny for any of the beer. Apparently this is standard procedure.


  1. I’ve had free clothes from Tesco after they overcharged me on sale stock 😀
    I like them.

  2. I bought a CD in Tescos for a birthday present; they took the security tag off but forgot to charge me at all on the receipt. Too bad that’s not standard procedure…

  3. LOL. The funiest thing that happened to be at a supermarket was when I ordered 21 boxes of cornflakes instead of 2 on SainsburystoYou

  4. It’s been Tesco’s policy for as long as I can remember that if hey overcharge you for something they will refund double the difference. That’s if they have the wrong price marked on the shelf, or if they charge you twice by accident, or any other reason. It’s surprising how little you actually get to take advantage of this, compared to how often you get over-charged in other supermarkets. I’ve never been overcharged in my local Tesco, and I’m always trying to catch them out.

  5. so how many boxes did you get computerjoe?
    That is standard procedure here in the states but the only time it happened to me was on cigars for the pil but cigars (and probably booze) are on the list of things that can’t be free under state regulations.

  6. In Norway, some shops have a practice of giving people who find expired food in the store(one day or less till expiration) the equalient of what they find. Unless you find alcohole. Then you get money instead.
    A friend of mine found 9 cases of beer that was about to expire a year ago, at roughly 12 NOK (£1) per bottle. £1x24x9 = £216. 😀

  7. Andy: I got 21 boxes. They took them back though at and refunded us though 😀

  8. One of my housemates ordered a copy of 24 season 3 from and got 3 copies, but was only charged for the one. I think the other two got eBayed.
    It’s a pity there’s no Google Adsense adverts for Free Beer – I’d have probably made a packet on them 🙂

  9. I’m sure if we mention Beer, along with the word free, often enough – such as in the phrase “Free Beer – Beer that is free” and include links such as the one to Free beer, Adsense should start picking it up 🙂
    Anyway, I went to Tescos today and they’ve got a special on Birds Eye frozen meals where you not only get three for the price of two, you also get 150 Clubcard points. At around 70p each, that’s 1.40 spent – with 151 Clubcard points worth 1pound 51p… So they are “paying” you 11p to take them away! I believe the offer lasts another week so 😉 I’ve now got a very very full freezer and fridge 😀

  10. My daughter had an acident in the Leytonstone Tesco, injured her knees, ankles and thighs, received medical attention. Tesco was informed, they sent me an email over 2 months ago saying they were investigating,to date nothing. I am just wondering how caring Tesco really is about their customers, perhaps oneone could let me know how long an enquiry really takes.
    Thanks Tesco