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I always thought that Sevens was a type of rugby, but apparently it’s also a meme and Anthony has tagged me to do it…

Seven Things I Plan To Do Before I Die

In no particular order:

  1. Visit Dublin, the US and Amsterdam – these have been on my to-do list for a long time, but I’ve either not had the time or had no-one to travel with me. I’ll be getting closer with my visit to Cork in November though (been getting the good old E111 form sorted today).
  2. Start a family. Though I have the trickiest part – finding a partner – still to do 🙁
  3. Get a masters degree
  4. Get a good job
  5. Go bunjee jumping. Or something like that. Possibly for charity.
  6. Learn to drive. Although I’ve been able to put it off for over 4 years now, it seems inevitable that I’ll have to learn at some point.
  7. Win the lottery. It has to happen to everyone eventually, doesn’t it?

Seven things I can do

  1. Blog. And keep up blogging for a long time too.
  2. Design web sites
  3. Fix computers. Well, sometimes.
  4. Program, even if in some languages I can barely manage to do Hello World.
  5. Take reasonably good photographs
  6. Put my foot in my mouth. In the literal sense. I’d say it was my party trick but it tends to scare people so I tend not to bother.
  7. Sing. But not very well. Or loudly.

Seven things I can not do

  1. Touch my toes with my legs straight. This is despite the foot-eating thing.
  2. Drive. See above.
  3. Get pregnant. Though I would be worried if I could, to be fair.
  4. Talk about shaving to another man. For some reason shaving is this great taboo amongst men. Never quite worked out why.
  5. Travel through time. Though it’s fair to say that most other people in the world can’t either. Still, might be handy – I could put £1000 in a savings account then travel forwards in time, withdraw the money with the accumulated interest and spend it, for example.
  6. Be in two places at once. Would make my life much easier at times. Though I don’t think the world is quiet ready for two of me.
  7. Eat tripe. This is more of a ‘won’t’ than a ‘can’t’ but even the idea disgusts me.

That was hard to come up with since there’s very few things that I cannot do. Anything is possible 🙂 .

Seven things that I find really attractive about the opposite sex

Putting the blatant homophobic nature of the question aside, I’m not entirely sure.

Seven things I say the most

  1. “Riiiiiight….”
  2. “Hellooo”
  3. “Bollocks.”
  4. “Fine, thanks”
  5. “On a white baguette”
  6. “Niiiice!”
  7. “Bring da da ding ding”

Okay, so I lied about the last one but I want to see how many people I annoy with it 🙂 . But you could put together some interesting sentences with those.

Seven Books I love

Can’t really answer this as I’m not a habit book reader – most of the books I read have stencilled animals on the front and feature at least one techno-buzzword in the title.

Seven people I would like to see take the quiz

  1. Troy
  2. Firda
  3. Dave
  4. Andy
  5. Richard
  6. Chris
  7. Kim


  1. Ding ding. lol Cheers for doing the meme.

  2. re travelling through time. Sorry to be pedantic, but surely you are travelling forwards through time all the time.

  3. Seven – no not the Brad Pitt movie….

    Neil tagged me to do the 7 meme and as he did my flickr systray meme I thought I’d better join in – so here goes.. Seven Things I Plan To Do Before I Die Sell my house in England…

  4. Phew – that was hard work!