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Running 3.2

Now that the final release of Movable Type 3.2 is out, I’ve upgraded. It seems a little zippier than the beta version I was running previously and should be more stable (not that I was aware of any stability issues).
If you’re still debating whether to upgrade, or left MT for another CMS but are debating a return, here’s what rocks about 3.2:

  • Plugins can now be enabled/disabled from within the interface, and it’s possible to view a list of any MT tags that the plugin adds. Settings can be adjusted in the same screen, which means that installing simple plugins is now much easier since it’s no longer necessary to give the CGI script executable permissions
  • Lists, like the List Entries screen, have some cool JavaScript stuff that lets you select multiple items with one click by holding down Shift, like in other programs.
  • The SpamLookup plugin is included by default, which when configured properly offers some pretty good spam protection. I’d suggest adding some or all of these Common Spam Words to the keyword filter (and yes, I know that’s a link to WordPress’ Wiki)
  • New documentation
  • Trackback moderation and a new ‘Junk’ rating system which SpamLookup supports. Plugins can alter a comment or trackback’s rating to be either positive or negative – those with a negative rating get put in the Junk folder where they can be easily deleted. This, combined with trackback moderation means that false positives can be saved more easily.
  • Redesigned interface with a new ‘System overview’ tool, allowing you to view all entries, comments and trackbacks across your weblogs.
  • Much improved installation and upgrading. Upgrading is now just a case of running the main mt.cgi script and no longer requires choosing the correct mt-upgrade-x.cgi script.

And I’m still scratching the surface. 3.2 is a very nice piece of work and well worth the upgrade, especially if you’re still on 2.6x.
Update: I’ve installed MT-Notifier 3.0 as an alternative to the comments web feeds (which will be converted to Atom at some point). When you comment, you are given the option of subscribing to that entry’s comments so that you’ll be notified if any more are posted.


  1. It’s funny. I have been trying to install MovableType 3.2 and TextPattern 4.0 for about a week now and have had absolutly no luck. 🙁
    I did manage to get MT3.2 close. But couldn’t get it past the “initializing databases” page. I’m no Linux guru, but ftp’ing a few files over to a webhost and changing permissions isn’t really rocket science.
    WordPress isn’t perfect, but I must say that their installation is about as simple as it gets.
    I want blog software running to allow me to store bookmarks for sites I want to remember for later.

  2. Is MT a CMS. Surely a CMS is Drupal or PostNuke or PHPnuke or Mambo.

  3. Well, MT is a system that lets you manage content, so surely it’s a CMS 🙂 .

  4. ComputerJoe, just look at MovableType’s own website. It’s put together with MT. The installation instructions are a series of posts, one for each section. The links that point to other sections weren’t working for me correctly, but other than that…

  5. Thanks for adding the MT-Notifier plugin Neil! Saves me adding the RSS feed to Bloglines.

  6. No problem. I was hoping that web feeds would replace email as a way of subscribing to content but that hasn’t yet happened to the extent that I expected. Hopefully it’ll encourage more discussion in the comments area.

  7. Hmm – might look at installing a backup copy of absoblogginlutely onto my uniform server distribution and then upgrading it which would prove that my backups are good and gives me a chance to evaluate offline. Will have to look at the licence restrictions though (which is why I’m still on the older version)

  8. I’ve been watching on ProNet and I guess I’m ready to upgrade my MT blog to 3.2 even though I’m still leery of all that stuff about templates. I tried it when it came out as a beta and broke everything so I went backwards right away.

  9. Ah, I notice you have an extra Typekey option to send your email address so that gravatar works – how did you implement that? I’ve been scratching my head wondering why Typekey wouldn’t send my email address automatically?