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Talking Google

I’m connected to Google Talk as nrturner at via Trillian Pro. Feel free to drop and instant message my way but be aware that I can’t yet do voice chats. Though I’m sure that there will be an updated Jabber plugin for TP coming soon. 🙂
One of Trillian’s advantages is that you can be connected using multiple sign-ons for the same network, so I’m also still using my old Jabber name of totalxsive at, along with all my other various identities. That said, it also has a habit of crashing when you set your status to ‘Invisible’ which both myself and Dave seem to suffer, and for some reason doesn’t always connect first time (but then I have this problem with other Jabber servers too). Still, awfully nice of Google to support Trillian out of the box.


  1. Still awfully nice.
    Google didn’t have a choice, it’s gonna be possible to connect to them easy even without tutorials with many clients.
    I’m having problems with Gush and Tkabber, anyone got it working?

  2. Woot, thanks for the tip. Just got my trillian Pro Google Talk friendly!

  3. Neil, your Feedburner isn’t working.

  4. Joe: That’s great but what is actually wrong with it? I don’t subscribe to it myself and so I can’t diagnose problems so easily.

  5. I dropped you an IM yesterday and you didn’t answer *sniff*.

  6. Neil: It was an MT Collect This again. It’s working now