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Locked out of UKNova

My account at UKNova has been closed, despite me praising it several times over the past 9 months and maintaining a good upload/download ratio (including attaining Power User status). But, as the FAQ states, accounts are deleted after 6 weeks of activity, and them’s the rules. Unfortunately the site is at capacity so it’s almost impossible to create a new account. 🙁
If you do have a UKNova account, be aware that you receive no prior email warning of your account being closed.


  1. Now just write nasty things about it!

  2. That sucks. I really love UKNova too. Because of this I started downloading something just in case.
    What really baffles me is that a user can be a leecher and have about 0 in upload for 11 weeks while good users get themselves deleted. I think that UKNova and a lot of other trackers should start deleting leecher accounts within two weeks and let people with good ratio at least get a heads-up…

  3. I register every once in a while, have a look round and then the next time I want to have a look round, my accounts gone and registrations are closed.
    How do people find enough good tv to download something every 6 weeks?
    UKNova sucks – good idea, poor execution.

  4. accounts are deleted after 6 weeks of activity

    I’m presuming you mean inactivity 😉

  5. I have no problems with uknova. But i do download loads of tv stuff, there always seems to be a series or a horizon i’ve not seen. I keep my ratio about 1.3 and have d/l about 170gb in 6 months. I kind of use it as my tv guide as mostly good stuff is posted and i don’t even do soaps.

  6. Is anyone still registered there? can i get an invite ? 😉

  7. I’ve just deleted my account … big mistake. Having read the FAQ which expressly stated that accounts could not be renamed only deleted I erroneously assumed that all I had to do was delete and re-register. Up until the confirmation dialogue no hint as to the dire consequences about to befall me was indicated.
    And there’s absolutely no way to get in touch with admin 🙁
    Or is there? :))

  8. I have just moved from the UK to Hong Kong and was going to rely on UKnova to provide me with UK TV.
    I just got an internet connection here with a 10Mbps upload specifically so that I could keep my ratio up. In fact knowing that I could get my TV from UKnova played a role in deciding to take the job here.
    I have been visiting family in NZ for 2 months hence not able to use the site. Before I left I was downloading and uploading continuosly and had a > 2:1 ratio.
    I am distraught, they are too efficient for their own good.
    Can anyone help me….Please !!

  9. For what it’s worth I’ve just managed to re-establish my account at UKNova.
    The official IRC channel is #uknova on the AccessIRC network.
    A bit of banter and a polite request and voila!

  10. When I connect to that IRC channel, I seem to be talking to thin air. When you connected akradiabra what was traffic like? What time of day GMT was it?

  11. Continuous banter, difficult in fact to get myself noticed, middayish GMT.
    For those who want to know log onto the AccessIRC server [mIRC is a popular client] and then join UKNova with this command: /join #uknova
    As of this moment it has 47 people connected 22:51GMT

  12. Did you ever get new login details for uknova? I have been out of the country visiting family for a couple of months and have found that i can no longer login! how annoying!!

  13. Hey guys,
    We appriciate the situation and are sorry your accounts have been deleted, bt it is there and does say after 6 weeks your account will be deleted with no prior warning.
    There is no invite system so I can’t offer invites to you, or I would.
    Accounts are deleted regualrly, keep checking and trying is my advice.
    Good luck 🙂

  14. I have used UKNova for Hex the last few weeks – I should really get a DVD recorder or proper TV in card for my PC because it’ll be Dr Who season two next lol. But recently my download speed has been really poor even though I leave myself as a seed once uploaded to maintain my ratio’s its something to do with BitComet, why dont they like the BitComet client? Azurus wont let you d/l just one episode of a 24 episode full season torrent and if you’ve only missed say one episode of ’24’ on SKY THREE why would you want to d/l a whole season???

  15. Well EMPB, I don’t knwo why you think AZ won’t let you download individual shows, as I have AZ and it lets me.
    BitComet I believe has been banned due to the way it works. The private flag introduced to stop unregistered users downloading our files hasn’t been included properly in the newest BitComet. Several websites have carried out this banning. May I suggest either utorrent or Azureus as an option.