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Flying Spaghetti Monsterism

Since Flying Spaghetti Monsterism (or Pastafarianism) is now starting to, um, take off, here’s my predictions for the future:

  • 2006: In California, the first United Church of Flying Spaghetti Monsterism is established. Pirates start eschewing ships for Segways.
  • 2007: First succesful legal case where a follower of the religion sued for being forced to work Fridays, against his religious beliefs.
  • 2008: At an international Pastafarian gathering, several hundred followers of the faith have a joint revelation. Pirates now commonplace on the streets of most cities.
  • 2009: Air pollution reaches its lowest levels for 10 years due to the increasing numbers of pirates. Latest Prada range is pirate and spaghetti-themed.
  • 2010: The fifth anniversary of the religion becoming popular sees another global gathering and worshipping of Bobby Henderson, the prophet.
  • 2011: The preliminary results of the UK census show a drop in the number of people claiming to be Jedis but an increase in followers of FSM.
  • 2012: Protests take place during the London Olympics due to the decision by the IOC not to include swashbuckling as an olympic event.
  • 2013: Microsoft Chairman Robert Scoble becomes the first follower of FSM to lead a major multinational company.


  1. LOL. 45% of Americans believe Earth was made 10,000 years ago!

  2. Roll on the next census, that’s a brilliant idea.