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You may have heard that a new unpatched flaw has been found in Internet Explorer. While this may be used to fuel the anti-MS fire, the fact is that (to pick a number out of the air) 90% of users probably won’t be affected since the flaw only comes into play if you have VisualStudio 2002 and haven’t installed any service packs, or if you have Office XP SP3 set up in a certain obscure way.
In any case, the affected file is nowhere to be found on my hard disk. Of course, it’s potentially a big problem if you are affected but there are workarounds to take until a patch is made available. I’m guessing Microsoft won’t release a patch until the next cycle in early September though.
(I seem to be doing a lot of Microsoft defence today. Hmmm.)


  1. Well I care, sure it may not affect many people – but considering the number of Windows PCs that’s still a huge amount of vulnerable computers which can be used to send out spam.