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Abundance of blogs

Although full details haven’t yet been made available, starting with MT 3.2, all users can have unlimited weblogs on their installations. Back in May last year, with the launch of MT 3.0D, Six Apart limited you to 3 blogs in the free version and charged $70 if you wanted up to 5. The following month, this was changed; you still could only have 3 blogs (although ‘blogs’ was redefined as being ‘websites’ so a sideblog wouldn’t be counted as another blog) but the $70 license brought with it unlimited blogs and $100 bought you unlimited authors too. The launch of ProNet also brought a free 5-author, 5-weblog license. Now, all licenses will have unlimited weblogs, although I’m guessing the author limits will still apply.
The software has never stopped you creating more weblogs and authors than the license allows, nor has it even warned you (other than in the included license document) – it’s been purely based on an honour system.
In her post, Mena Trott says:

A lot of the rationale behind this was that the multiple weblog management is so good in 3.2, that we didn’t want to have the limit anymore.

This is quite true. It is very handy to be able to have an overview of all comments and trackbacks on all the weblogs on my installation and be able to remove spam from all of them at the same time. I’m intending to do an overview of the bits of 3.2 that I like the most very soon, though first an upgrade to beta 5 is warranted…


  1. I can’t be bothered to switch to MT myself.

  2. Or you could use WordPress which is free for as many users as you like and is so easy to install that even computerjoe could do it. Sorry – am I turning into a WordPress zealot?

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