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Clearing the way

Currently on my lunch break from Clearing. Since starting at 8am I’ve fielded around 40 calls so far and the number in general has been very busy; around 95% being for the same two courses…
Still got another 6 hours to go, though.
Update: We’re all out of biscuits 🙁
Currently on a bit of a sugar high due to all the sugary drinks I’ve been having today, so I’ve been a little overenthusiastic on the phone, but hopefully it’ll cheer people up.
One of those two courses I mentioned is now full so the calls are going through a bit faster now and I can take a slightly longer breather between calls (instead of the phone ringing again as soon as you hang up the previous call). Still got just under 4 hours to go, though… :-/


  1. What were the two courses?

  2. What were the two courses?

  3. LOL 🙂 .
    One starts with an O, the other a P.

  4. Optometry and Peace Studies?
    Ornithology and Podiatry?
    Ornamental Garden Planning and Porcine Health?
    Kinda wish I’d done Ornamental garden planning now…
    I’m guessing you can’t say though.

  5. Well, one of those was right.
    I’m not sure if I can say so I’m erring on the side of caution – I’d rather not lose my job, if possible.

  6. Didn’t know you could do Porcine Health as a degree.