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Logging in to Flickr

In case you’re unaware, you can now combine your Yahoo! and Flickr logins so that you have one less password to remember (all new users need Yahoo! accounts to sign up). Unfortunately, as I’ve found, if you combine your logins you’re no longer signed in to Flickr persistently like before – your sign-in period expires after 24 hours so you have to log in again afterwards. Which is really annoying when you’re used to the old way :-/ .
While the 24-hour maximum sign-in limit is in line with Yahoo!’s other services, I preferred the Flickr way. With a bit of luck one of those cool Flickr people will read this and offer a way of allowing persistent sign-ins, but until then bear this in mind before your combine your accounts.
Update: Yay, a response from Flickr:

Q: OMG, it is really annoying to have to log in to Yahoo over and over many times a day just to get my Flickr fix! [This is not a question.] Uh … isn’t it annoying?!!?

A: Yes, it really, truly is. It’s enough to drive one batty. And it’s a bug. And a fix will be out soon. It’s taken a while, but for security reasons we couldn’t do the quick fix here. Just be patient for one more week 🙂

Or, you know, if you merged your and your Yahoo! ID and it is driving you crazy, then we’ll unmerge your account. All you have to do is write to us (read the announcement from last week for details). You’ll still have to re-merge it later, but by then things will be muuuuuch smoother.

Excellent 🙂 .


  1. I’m not a Flickr person but if one does happen to come along I’d like to second that – it’s bloomin’ annoying.

  2. I’ve just noticed this too, how bizarre.

  3. That’s a shame. I’m sure lots of people won’t like joining Yahoo! too. Any change on the Flickr log-in API? Will this allow us to use Yahoo! IDs on nearly any site?

  4. yeah its a right pita. I also can’t/wont save my signon with yahoo as Kristen also uses this computer for yahoo (she doesn’t use flickr).
    I’ve not tried the uploadr yet – does it work with flickryahoo signon?

  5. the answer is no it doesn’t work with flickrimportr – bit of a bugger really.