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A board with no chalk

Dave, I’m sorry to hear that you’ve decided to quit blogging. I really hope you change your mind; while you maybe didn’t post as often as previously I still enjoyed reading what you had to say.
Dave’s blog was hacked by using a known exploit in WordPress He’s now quit blogging.


  1. Oh… for a second there, I thought it was ME that had stopped blogging!
    I think all bloggers go through periods where they are just looking for an excuse to quit. I know I have. Unfortunately, Dave got his excuse at a time when he was looking for one. I’ve seen other bloggers come and go, but this time it hits especially hard because Chalkboard is the same age as my blog. It kind of makes me wonder how much longer I’ll keep going…

  2. Eh, I’ve managed it to make it to over 3 1/2 years so far…

  3. I can’t stop! As for the hacking I hope back-ups are maintained. If not use Google Cahce or to restore it.

  4. I’ve actually been blogging in one form or another (by hand, using HTML editor’s, and many, many blogging tools. I’m pretty sure I started in 1997. Blogging was very young and was pretty much just personal journals that were published on the web. I wonder if Google has any of my older posts floating around in it’s cache…
    Was I looking for an excuse. Probably. However, I have been getting more and more hammered by spammers both the comment and referal kinds, and the hacker was the last straw. Boy, using the term hacker is really being generous there. Script kiddie is really what he is. He even pointed to a website that posted the script that was used to hack the site.
    I had heard that there was a security issue with the software, but can’t really understand why my site was one that this script kiddie wanted to attack. Maybe because I was *VERY* slow in upgrading.
    I haven’t been posting pretty much because my time has been pulled away by World of Warcraft. I can’t believe how addicting that game is, and I don’t typically get into MMORPG’s. I’m a GTA/Quake/Unreal Tournament kind of gamer. I’ve been playing WoW pretty much ever free moment I have. I even have Halo 2 and GTA:SA, but I’m hooked on this thing!
    I’ll be around the blogsphere, just as an observer and commenter.

  5. As far as I am concerned the other dave has stopped blogging as my rss reader doesn’t support the version of atom at blogography.
    This goes to show how important it is to ensure you are uptodate with patches – isn’t that right SBC?

  6. I was trying to find some history of my older blogs. I found this:*/
    It doesn’t go all the way back. I had some interesting layouts including Lego bricks in the background.
    I really should have made a better effort at saving some of the pages for history’s sake. 🙂

  7. Oh man, my dad dug up some of my old pages on once – talk about embarrassing! It wasn’t my earliest pages though – I’ve had a hard time finding those because I can’t remember the huge long Geocities neighborhood URLs I had.
    Does anybody know if F*ckedBlogger is still around? I can’t remember the exact name, but it was a F*ckedCompany-style “so-and-so has quit blogging” collection.

  8. Oh dear. Looks like I got bitten by Markdown! :blush: