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Showing restraint

Articles like this make me ashamed to be a Firefox fan. Those who childishly flame anyone who dares to say a bad word about Firefox really make me annoyed. It makes the Firefox community look like a bunch of elitist, anally-retentitive wankers.
If Firefox were as perfect as some make it out to be, then the development team wouldn’t be busy on 1.5, now would they?


  1. I must admit gaining accurate statistics is hard. Surely my site’s stats are wrong as I’m on ‘Blogs for Firefox’, but then so are sites all about Windows and how wonderful how Microsoft are.
    Every site has bias towards one browser, and remember this could be people just changing users agents, so getting statistics is impossible. (apart from maybe UV on Google?)

  2. I can’t believe they gave the bloke encouragement by posting that on the site.

  3. I have to disagree. I think it makes one person look like an elitist, anally-retentitive wanker. The rest of us need not associate with him.

  4. Ok, the letter in the article you are talking about is abusive and obviously written in a moment of rage. But I wouldn’t go that far feeling ashamed for it in the name of a Fx user. At least the writer supplies full sentences and apart from the crude language it’s a well structured letter (I liked the crack den part :-)).
    I point that out because I see postings way worse daily in several forums, propably written by frustrated 8 year olds.
    And of course you’ll have these battles between all other religious-like flamewars: FX vs IE, MS vs Linux, PC vs Mac,… This is the proverbial bag of rice which is fallen over in China.

  5. I think thise entry might have the wrong title. Didn’t you mean “Needing restraints”?

  6. NRT wins this one!
    And yes, Neil, I am catching up on a lot of missed posts! 😉